Baylee Duncan

Baylee DuncanI received the GEAR UP scholarship, which made a huge difference to me financially at the community college level especially. So far this year with that scholarship, I have been able to pay for everything out of pocket just by working a part time job. Not having the burden of loans has made it much easier to attend school. The scholarship I received from JCEF has made my dreams of finishing college much easier and every day I am able to get closer to reaching my goals.

About Baylee

North Valley High School, Class of 2015
College: Rogue Community College, Grant Pass
Status: Freshman
Why I chose Rogue Community College: Financially RCC made the most sense for me. It also makes it very easy to transfer to Southern Oregon University after I receive my associates for the degree I’m seeking.
Major: I am currently working towards a degree in Elementary Education.
What experiences drew you to this field: I’ve wanted to be an elementary school teacher since I was in elementary school myself, so I have just naturally always been drawn to teaching. I love working with kids and I feel like as a teacher you have the ability to make a really positive impact on peoples’ lives early on. I’ve helped out in elementary school classrooms as a high school student. It was a great experience that only made me want to be a teacher even more.
What classes in high school intrigued you or set you on the path to pursue this career: In high school I took AP U.S. and World History, as well as AP Composition. These classes got me thinking about college and my future earlier than I would have if I hadn’t taken them.
What volunteer or work experience led you towards the education field: My mother previously worked in elementary schools as a teacher’s aide, so I was able to job shadow her and sit in on some elementary classes. From classroom observation, I saw teaching first-hand that caused me to think about things I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.
What activities, clubs, or sports have you participated in during high school: At NVHS, I was a four-year varsity soccer player and golfer and a one-year varsity cheerleader. Participating in these activities taught me how to plan and schedule well so I could balance out my academic life with all of the other activities I was constantly participating in. It has made college a lot less stressful because I am able to easily balance my homework with my busy schedule.
What activities, clubs, or sports do you plan on getting involved with at RCC: I am part of the Women’s soccer team at Rogue Community College, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. It has helped make school more enjoyable and I have met a lot of great people through soccer at the collegiate level. Soccer has been a great motivator for me to keep working hard in school.