Natalie Justema

Grants Pass High School
Class of 2013

University: University of Oregon
Major: Art
Scholarships Received from JCEF: Dale Boothe Memorial Scholarship

Currently a junior on the Dean’s List at UO in Eugene, I am majoring in Art with a focus in ceramics. My minor is in philosophy. Since coming to UO, I’ve found my passion for learning again. I was in business school for a year before I decided to spend my college time learning a subject that I truly care about. I firmly believe that if I pursue my passions I will be able to find ways to shape my life around them.

I currently work for the ceramics studio at the University, keeping students safe from the dangers of silica. My work informs my practice as I gain more knowledge about ceramics as a whole and what it takes to maintain a studio.

Thank you Josephine County Education Fund!

I was awarded the Dale Boothe Memorial Scholarship in 2013 which can be renewed annually. Currently a junior at the University of Oregon, I could not be happier here.  A huge part of my time here is credited to this scholarship, which I appreciate greatly. My knowledge and skills is growing exponentially and I am truly passionate about the path that I am following. I have just begun to consider graduate school, and the money that I have been given from this scholarship has greatly eased my burden thus far.  It has allowed me to focus on my education without the worry of student debt.