Margaret (Maggie) Roberts

Grants Pass High School
Class of 2015

University: Seattle University (SU)
Major: English Literature
Scholarships received from JCEF: I received three local JCEF scholarships: Principal’s Award, Chairman’s Award, and Friends of the School Board Scholarship. SU awarded me four scholarships: the SU Trustee’s Scholarship, the SU Honor’s Scholarship, an SU Music scholarship and the Lockwood Foundation Scholarship

Why I chose Seattle University: In addition to generous merit scholarships, Seattle University was appealing because of their unique honors program. The program accepts up to twenty students who are formed into a cohort and then spend every class for two years together. Every quarter there is a philosophy, literature, and philosophy course that you move through chronologically with your cohort. The program is also entirely Socratic in style which places greater responsibility on the students.

Experiences or persons influencing my choice of major or career choice: It has been my dream to go to law school since my sophomore year of high school. I mainly attribute that to being involved in both Speech and Debate and Mock Trial every year of my high school career. In addition, Sandra Day O’Connor has been my role model since an English project in the 8th grade.

Why this major or career objective is such a good fit: I believe that everyone should utilize the gifts and opportunities that they have been given and combine them with what you are passionate about. I am passionate about cultivating justice within my community and I believe I can help that to come about through the skills I have been given.

Volunteer or paid work that set me on this career path: Throughout high school I volunteered regularly in the Grants Pass community. It opened my eyes to issues such as homelessness and excessive drug use which result in a lower quality of life for members of our community. This realization inspired me to examine how the legal system combats these issues. Working at the Josephine County Courthouse the summer after my freshman year solidified my decision to pursue a legal career.

What I learned through participation in these activities: It is never too early to begin working towards the goals that you hope to implement in your community and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Noteworthy achievements so far: My collegiate experience has been extremely positive. I’ve had the honor each quarter to be listed on the President’s and/or Dean’s list. I founded and lead a political philosophy club which resulted in me being inducted into the Inter-collegiate Studies Institute. Through it, I attended a conference in Philadelphia the summer of 2016 and will attend a second conference in Salt Lake City in February of 2017. I hope to spend fall of my junior year studying and interning in Washington D.C.

College activities, clubs, or sports: Currently, I’m a part of the Seattle University Choirs, the SU Political Science club, SU WPC Young Professional’s club, SU Students for Life club, the SU Philosophy club (and) president and founder of the Seattle University Conservative Union.


Margaret Roberts

Attending Seattle University would not even be a tangible dream much less a reality if not for the multiple scholarships that I was fortunate enough to receive. I am especially grateful for the Friends of the School Board Scholarship as they individualized their award for me my senior year of high school, an honor which is still extremely meaningful to me. Thank you for the dreams you enable JCEF!