Kathrine Ashley Heeter

Hidden Valley High School
Class of 2015

University: Western Oregon University in Monmouth
Major: Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language.
Scholarships Received from JCEF:  JCEF Scholarships include the Salute to Our Heroes Scholarship by United Veterans of Josephine County , Three Rivers Medical Center Fitness Club Scholarship, College Dreams, and The Drummond Family Scholarship. Through HVHS, I received the Applegate P.T.S.G Scholarship.  I’m also grateful for the Presidential and Merit scholarships I’ve been awarded from WOU along with the Ford Family Scholarship I received from OSAC.

Why WOU? I visited WOU once as a little girl and from that moment on, I wanted to attend that school. I visited and studied other colleges, but WOU always seemed to fit me best.

Experiences/persons influencing my choice of major: Many little experiences led me to choose special education as a major, but the overall experience in the classroom on good days and “bad” days filled my heart repeatedly and kept me coming back for more. I also job shadowed a Special Education teacher, Mr. Dennis DeCasas at Hidden Valley, who was a huge influence. I love individualized learning, goal setting, and preparing kids for their future. I also have patience when teaching and good leadership skills that will help me to take charge of the classroom.

Work experiences that set me on this career path: Babysitting a young girl with autism and Downs Syndrome opened my eyes to the importance of different methods of communication, in this case, American Sign Language. As a teacher’s aide in a special education classroom at HV my senior year, I developed a particular interest in becoming a Special Education teacher. I loved seeing how the students responded to what they were learning; it was so rewarding!

Activities: Volleyball, basketball, track & field, flag football, student government, National Honor Society, junior class Vice President and ASB President as a senior. Through participation in these activities, I’ve learned teamwork, leadership, communication skills and empathy.


The scholarships I received have lifted a huge financial burden off my shoulders and allowed me to major in exactly what I want to do. They also allow me to take as many classes as I want per term, instead of only taking ones I could pay for. These scholarships will enrich my college experience before it even begins. Thank you to everyone who has donated and been a part of my life.