Jordan Gillespie

North Valley High School
Class of 2015

University:  Reed College
Major: Pre-Med
Scholarships received from JCEF:  I am extremely thankful for the GEAR UP and Sodexo scholarships that I received.

Why I chose Reed: Reed has a reputation for vigorous academics, something I wanted in a college.  It has a reputation for high graduate school acceptance, which will help me get into medical school later in life. The quirkiness of Reed definitely fits my aesthetic, and I enjoy the attitude of the students and teachers towards education.

Why my major is a good fit for me:  I have dreamed of having a career in the medical field since I was in the 7th grade.  I love science and the biology of the body, so I thought that it would be a great career and major choice for me. I also volunteered through Asante’s Youth Volunteer Program for two and a half years. During the time I was in the program, I got to experience the Nursing floor, the E.R. and the Patient Transport System. I was also privileged enough to view two surgeries, which really solidified my desire to stay on the Pre-Med track.

High school classes taken that set me on the path to pursue this field of study:  My health class interested me because of the bodily focus it takes. I also really enjoyed my high school chemistry class because it taught me how to actually understand the world around me.

Volunteer experiences or paid work that set me on this path: I volunteered at Three Rivers Community Hospital for a majority of my time in high school, which inspired me to declare my major as Pre-Med when I was accepted into college.

High School campus and leadership activities: During my freshman year, I was a part of the NVHS JV Volleyball team as well as Varsity Cheerleading.  I continued on with Varsity Cheerleading until my senior year, when I chose to no longer pursue it in the interest of college applications.  I was vice president of Interact Club my sophomore year and president of North Valley’s National Honor Society during my senior year. These positions mainly taught me how to work well with others and how to be a part of school activities and volunteer projects, which helped me to make friends and grow as a person by donating my time to those in need of it.

College activities, clubs, or sports: Currently, I am a part of Reed’s Fire Spinning Club, Weapons of Mass Distraction, and I plan on joining the Aerial troupe or a recreational Volleyball team. I also mentor middle schoolers at Lane Middle School and am a part of a Peer Mentor Program.

Jordan Gillespie

While college had always been a plan for me, I had expected to have massive student loans following me during my twenties because of it. Thanks to amazing local scholarships like GEAR UP and Sodexo that I received, I am able to complete my freshman year at Reed College with little debt. It is an honor and a blessing knowing that someone believed in me and my education enough to make this possible.