Dayasha Crosier

North Valley High School
Class of 2016

University: Oregon Tech (OIT)
Major: I switched very recently to pre-med and Oregon Tech’s program is also excellent.
Scholarships received from JDEF: I received five different scholarships: the TRMC Youth Volunteer Program ($1,500), Ann & Wirt Cogswell ($1,400-renewable), GEAR-UP ($2,500), American Red Cross ($500) and the GP Clinic Scholarship ($1,000).

Why I chose OIT:  I chose Oregon Tech because it was the best school in Oregon for my previous planned major, Radiology.

Why my major is a good fit for me: I love the medical field, especially the emergency care side of things. Right now, my goals are to become a Physician Assistant and work in an Emergency Room, but that could very easily change as I learn more about the field.

What experiences have drawn me to this field: The medical field has always interested me, especially since it has so many great jobs. But, I never knew how much I would love it until I experienced it. I joined the Asante Three Rivers Medical Center Youth Volunteer Program to get a closer look. In that program, I not only got experience but gained a broader perspective on how intricate the health care system is.

Classes taken in high school that helped prepare me for college and my major: I took an Anatomy and Physiology class my senior year. This class not only looked deeper into the workings of the human body, but my teacher also brought in a Physician Assistant to talk to the class about her work. This was my first introduction to the profession and it is what encouraged me to change my planned major radiology, to something I am truly passionate about.

What piqued your interest or set you on the path to pursue this career or field of study: The Youth Volunteer Program shaped my plans for the future by providing an inside look at the workings of a hospital, with six months in the post-surgical wing, six in imaging, and a year in the ER. I enjoyed it all, but what I really love is the energy and unpredictability of the ER. There, I had the chance to watch and experience many interesting things, from gunshot wounds and dog bites to performing CPR. Emergency care is certainly my dream job.

What activities, clubs or sports I was involved in during high school: I was part of student government, Key Club, National Honors Society, cross country, and track and field at NVHS.

What I learned about myself and others through this participation: I was president of my senior class, and the experience showed me how important teamwork and taking everyone’s opinion into consideration is to make things run smoothly. I also had the chance to work with my classmates to raise money for a boy who needed a new prosthetic eye so that his skull would be supported. It was a very neat thing to be a part of.

Planned college activities: I want to join the Biology Health Sciences club and possibly get involved in student government at Oregon Tech.


Dayasha Crosier

JCEF has been so important to me because it helped me obtain the funds I need to gain the requirements for my dream job, one I know I will love based on the practical experience I’ve had so far. The scholarships combined with my personal savings will help me complete my first year of college debt-free.  Words cannot describe how nice it is to know I will not have loans hanging over my head for the first year.