Brian Waterman

Illinois Valley High School
Class of 2015

University: Rogue Community College
Major: Graphic Design
Scholarships Received from JCEF: Local scholarships from the Grants Pass Rotary Club, Kerby Belt Lodge and College Dreams.  I am so grateful for them.

Why I chose RCC: Originally SOU was my first choice, but since my parents were going to move back to my home state of Idaho, I was going to attend Boise State University.  However due to some moving complications, I am attending R.C.C until that all gets sorted out, which is fine because I’ll be attending a place where I’ll have many friends.

Experiences that impact my career and education direction: Playing video games, watching cartoons, and drawing my whole life has made me want to become part of that world myself, especially if I could create my own.

Why this career objective is a good fit: I’m told I am an amazing artist by both my peers and by elders.  I am often on the computer and enjoy working in groups and this career lets me do both of those things.

Volunteer work that set me on this career path: As a volunteer project for my high school, I designed some shirts but nothing paid quite yet.

What I learned through participation in these activities: I developed strong leadership skills and was able to work together well as a team with others while under the pressure of deadlines.

Current college activities, clubs, or sports: None at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll join some soon.


Brian Waterman

With so many of my fellow students applying for the same scholarships as myself, I often felt like I had no chance of receiving anything. Upon receiving a scholarship, I was reminded that I should not doubt my own abilities; no one should. Receiving a scholarship also meant that I was given an opportunity that I realize not many students are able to have nowadays. It spoke to me as a message saying, ‘Yeah, you are good, now you can become even better.’  It is such an honor knowing I am supported by so many people who want me to succeed in life, and it just continues to push me forward, knowing all these years of hard work will pay off soon.