Brenda Hayes

North Valley High School
Class of 2016

College: Western Oregon University
Major: Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology.
Scholarships received through JCEF: I received the JCEF administered GEAR UP scholarship, the Gilmore scholarship (both of these are renewable for 4 years), College Dreams’ IDA and the W. Irving Baldini scholarship. I am so grateful for the financial help from all of these donors!

Why I chose WOU: I chose the school due to its close proximity to the Oregon Police Academy, and because WOU has the best criminal justice program in the state.

What has drawn me to this field of study: I’ve been interested in this field of work my entire life. I’d like to serve the public by becoming a police detective or FBI field agent.

Classes taken in high school or experiences that made an impact and put me on this career path: My high school psychology class and self-defense class helped pique my interest in this field.

High school activities and interests: I’m not one for sports or clubs, but my school was unique in that it had a Martial Arts class that I participated in for the last three years of high school.

Planned college activities: I plan on continuing martial arts throughout college and staying active physically.


Branda Heyes

In the beginning, I had nothing. Thanks for the $2,500 GEAR UP scholarship grant from the Oregon Community Fund that JCEF administers. With the renewable Gilmore Scholarship ($5,000 annually for 4 years), College Dreams’ IDA program and the W. Irving Baldini local scholarship, I have something that I can use to better my future. I hope to make a difference in other people’s lives through my planned career in criminal justice.