Glendale High School GEAR UP Scholarship


Congratulations on receiving a $2,500 Gear Up scholarship for your continuing education. You will receive $1,000 your first year of college and $500 per year for the next three years.  Once you register at the institution that you are attending, request your scholarship with the form below.  Complete all of the fields to provide us with your contact information, the name of the college you’re attending, and your student ID number so the money can be sent to the Financial Aid Office on your behalf.


This award may be used for payment of higher education tuition and fees and will be sent directly to your school.

If you are applying for financial aid at a two or four year institution, you will need to report that you have been awarded this scholarship. It may have some bearing on the final financial aid package that you are awarded from the school that you choose to attend.


You may renew the scholarship beginning in August of the new academic year. You must request your scholarship funds from JCEF each year that you attend school and verify your school of attendance. Go to the JCEF web site each year, click on your high school icon, select the Glendale High School GEAR UP Scholarship document, complete your renewal request & submit the form. Or, send a written note to JCEF at the address below. If writing us, always provide your school of attendance and student ID number.  Let us know if your contact information: address, phone, or email has changed or re-verify that your existing contact information is correct. Don’t assume that your GEAR UP scholarship renewal funds will be sent automatically each year. JCEF needs to hear from you directly. You should request your scholarship two to three weeks ahead of the beginning of your school’s new academic year.


The GEAR UP Scholarship has been provided as a grant to JCEF from the Oregon Community Fund (OCF), a nonprofit foundation that awards and grants and scholarships to students across the state of Oregon. OCF is the GEAR UP scholarship donor.  You may wish to send a note of thanks to acknowledge receipt and to express your appreciation for this scholarship.  Address your thank you note to OCF-GEAR UP Scholarship Donor, c/o JCEF, PO Box 908, Grants Pass, OR 97528 and we will pass it on to OCF for you.


If unusual circumstances come up around the use of your award, or you have additional questions, please contact us at 541-476-2196 or email us at Always provide your name, GEAR UP high school, personal phone number and email so we may get back in touch with you promptly. JCEF, also a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, is administering the Glendale HS GEAR UP Scholarship. We are your personal contact for any disbursement and related questions. We look forward to being of service to you and your family.

Oregon Community Foundation, donor and Josephine County Educational Fund, Inc., administrator of the Glendale HS GEAR UP Scholarship. For more information about either OCF or JCEF visit: or

Glendale High School GEAR UP Scholarship Recipient Form

  • Please also provide the contact information for an alternate family member or local contact in the event we cannot reach the student or the recipient’s parent or guardian. A phone number and email is especially important.

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