EDGE & TA Branch 9 – (Open Scholarship) Due April 15


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  • Award: $1,000
  • Eligibility: Open to graduating students throughout Josephine County and the area served by Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association (EDGE & TA), Branch 9 based in Merlin.
  • Selection Criteria: Planning to pursue a career in farming, land management, heavy machinery (building or repair), forestry or other agricultural-related field which must be detailed in the application. An unsigned application will result in the application not being considered.
  • Application: Apply on the EDGE&TA application which has a deadline of April 15. Completed  and signed applications should be mailed by the deadline to: Maloy Murdock, Scholarship Committee Chair,1000 Crow Road, Merlin, OR 97532. Click here to access the application form which can be completed and printed for mailing or, see your school’s Counselor or Scholarship Coordinator for more information.
  • Redemption: Contact the EDGE & TA Branch 9 office in Merlin at 541-476-7319. Awarded in two $500 payments to the recipient’s chosen institution upon receipt of enrollment verification. The second $500 payment is issued to the school upon successful completion of the first quarter or semester with a copy of grades which may be an informal transcript. To receive second installment, send confirmation of the next term’s enrollment to the application address. If the program is completed without the use of semesters or quarters, the entire $1,000 may be sent with the approval of the Scholarship Committee.