Coalition for Kids Fund


Coalition for Kids was established in 1991, after 7 local agencies serving children and families brought forward the need to increase local collaboration. For three decades, CFK took a variety of paths to fulfill its mission of creating opportunities for children and families to flourish. It served as a catalyst, convener, and partner in the community. It provided a brick and mortar facility where service organizations were able to co-locate. And, in a time of community need, took over the management of a childcare program.

Coalition for Kids promoted the positive development and well-being of children and families in our community for nearly 30 years by honoring that many factors influence child and family wellbeing outcomes. CFK believes that children’s development is shaped not only by parents, but also by family, teachers, schools, and neighborhoods. Additionally, we recognize the broader socio-economic, social, and cultural forces that have an impact on children’s outcomes.

In establishing the Coalition for Kids Fund, the organization seeks to honor these long-held values and build up our community’s capacity to care for young children. We envision funds supporting the development of collaborative partnerships across sectors that create nurturing and enriching environments while promoting pathways to health, learning, stability, and self-sufficiency. The fund will support programs that strengthen protective factors in families and our community, and that increase health outcomes from positive experiences for children in their earliest years of life (prenatal through age 5).


The Coalition for Kids Fund will provide the opportunity for local community-based organizations serving young children—ages birth through 5—to apply for grant funding each March. Grant applications will be reviewed by a fund Advisory Committee and distributed for program use each July. For the inaugural year of the fund, awards were selected by the Board of CFK and will benefit The Family Nurturing Center, Siskiyou Community Health Center’s Home Visiting Programs, Tinkerbell Parent Cooperative Preschool, and a community-wide education campaign on Protective Factors.

Grant guidelines and application will be made available in 2021, based upon the following target outcomes, core values, and priority populations.

Core Values of the Fund

  • Providing support and advocacy for children and families
  • Upstream solutions that address the root cause, not the symptom
  • Accomplishing more together

Priority Populations of the Fund

  • Families with young children, prenatal through age five
  • Families Experiencing Barriers to Services
  • Families Experiencing or At-Risk of Housing Insecurity
  • Families Experiencing or At-Risk of Economic Fragility
  • Families Affected by Behavioral Health Issues

Target Fund Outcomes

  • Caring Communities & Systems
  • Strong, Nurturing Families
  • Healthy, Thriving Children
  • Educational Progress & Success