Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, Branch 9 Open Scholarship Application

Submit your application to: Scholarship Committee Chair, Maloy Murdock, 1000 Crow Road, Merlin OR 97532

This Scholarship will be for $1000.00 and will be awarded in two $500.00 payments. The first when the Scholarship Committee receives verification of enrollment in your chosen institution and the second after the Committee receives evidence of your successful completion of that semester (a copy of your grades) and confirmation of enrollment in the next semester. If the program is completed without the use of semesters, the entire $1000.00 may be awarded with the approval of the Scholarship Committee.

APPLICATION (Deadline: April 15)

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  • I have read and understand the conditions of the EDGE&TA, Branch 9 - Open Scholarship and affirm that I plan to pursue a career in Farming, Land Management, Heavy Machinery (building or repair), Forestry or other Agriculture related field (which must be detailed in this application). I give permission to officials of any institution to release transcripts of my academic record and other information requested for consideration in the EDGE&TA, Branch 9 Scholarship program. I understand that this application will only be available to qualified people who need to see it in the course of their duties on the Scholarship Committee. I affirm that all of the information in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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  • List the secondary school (or equivalent) from which you were graduated