Types of Scholarships

There are many types of scholarships that address individual donor interests or wishes.

Individual scholarships

Support a student in a particular field of study, such as medicine, education, business, engineering, music, art, etc.

Memorial scholarships

Memorialize a loved one and help continue a memory or celebrate the legacy that a departed loved one has left. It can be an important way to honor a person who has made an impact in their brief sojourn through life or recognize someone who has made a lasting impression in one’s individual life, family or in the community.

Business scholarships

This scholarship is a way to thank the community for their support. It may be made in memory of someone significant in a particular organization, or viewed as an investment in the future. Such scholarships help area young people achieve their dreams of higher education, show support and enrich the wider community.

Service Club scholarships

Community wide service clubs fund scholarships for diverse reasons. A primary reason for doing so is to further their programs of support in the community, especially to youth.

Alumni Group scholarships

These foster the continuing ties to their alma mater and support the future graduates who will be alumni, too.

Parent-Teacher Group scholarships

These reward and recognize students who attended that particular school and who may have distinguished themselves, or made a lasting impact.

School Clubs and Booster scholarships

This class of scholarship supports specific activities and/or involvement or contributions that merit individual recognition.

Estates and Bequest scholarships

Support for education can be an estate tax benefit in addition to leaving a lasting legacy to assist the youth of the future. Many individuals are passionate about the benefits of higher education and recognize the value intrinsic to society and to communities where it is shared value.  Individuals may have received a scholarship of tremendous personal value in their own life and they choose to “pay forward” the generosity that someone has shown to them by choosing to leave the gift of education as part of a personal estate plan.

Other Donor-Directed Scholarships & Gifts

Any interested person or group may create a new scholarship or, make a gift to meet a certain need.

Unrestricted Scholarship Gifts

JCEF welcomes gifts from donors who may set certain wide parameters on use but give the flexibility to JCEF’s Board of Directors to best determine how the scholarship funds may be used.

Such gifts as the Grey Trust in District 7 enable JCEF to supplement donor specific awards at GPHS by making additional awards to deserving students to fund additional awards. The JCEF Principal’s or President’s awards are funded from this type of gift that recognizes deserving students who may otherwise not receive a scholarship from any other source.

Such funds in the Three Rivers School District allow us to make similar awards to deserving students in the county’s public high schools.

It is our goal to help donors understand the importance of these types of gifts to benefit students at all of our sponsor schools and ultimately increase the level of local support available throughout our entire service area.

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Kinds of Scholarship Accounts

There are four types of scholarship accounts.

Continuing Scholarships

An amount is deposited into JCEF as part of a professionally managed investment pool. The earnings and/or principal of the fund can be awarded annually to qualifying students. Additional amounts may be added to the fund in the future to possibly meet an endowed amount to last perpetually.

Pass-Through Scholarships

A fixed amount is decided upon and forwarded to JCEF to be awarded in accordance with the donor’s criteria. JCEF will be the agency overseeing that the funds are forwarded to the college or institution of the recipient’s choice, or be paid to the recipient upon donor’s instructions, or upon receipts from the student covering educational expenses. This guarantees that the funds are allocated to the purpose intended or desired by the donor.

Donor-Controlled Scholarships

No funds go through JCEF; the donor distributes funds to the recipient directly. Donor requests that JCEF include the information in all of the high schools’ scholarship availability programs and JCEF will invite the donor to the schools’ award ceremonies to present the award.

Unrestricted Funds Scholarships

Donors may also make an “unrestricted” gift of any size to JCEF and provide broad parameters for use. JCEF may oversee the selection process for recipients, follow other guidelines established by the living donor or carry out instructions in the donor’s original Will or estate bequest. Similar management and administrative protocols apply that most resemble a continuing scholarship.

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How are Recipients chosen?

  • If the donor desires to participate in the program and choose a recipient, applications will be provided by JCEF for the selection.
  • If the donor does not wish to select, each high school has an internal Scholarship Committee comprised of teachers and staff who have knowledge of individual applicants, read applications and help scholarship staff and counselors match applicants to the donor’s criteria.
  • In certain situations, JCEF’s own Scholarship Committee comprised of several Board Members and JCEF staff may review scholarship applications and select a recipient following donor criteria for selection.