Thank You’s from the Class of 2018

JCEF PROUDLY SALUTES our many scholarship donors and community partner organizations who funded over 150 scholarships given to students throughout Josephine County this past scholarship season.

“I would like to personally thank you (North Middle School PTA) for choosing e as a scholarship recipient. I am thankful- not only for the scholarship, but because it it a greater symbol of your support and investment in my collegial endeavors. I am slo very appreciative because without the hep of scholarships like yours, going to a four-ear university seemed less like a distant hope and more of a tangible reality.” A. Vazquez

“Thank you so much (Active Club) for awarding me this scholarship. It means the world to me and I am incredibly grateful. This encourages me to work even harder in College.” H. Noga

” I would like to express my deepest gratitude at being selected to receive the scholarship in memory of Lucy Flaming. It is nearly impossible to properly tell you just how much it meant for me to be awarded this Scholarship” J. Douglas 

“Thank you so much for giving r your memorial scholarship. I am humbled to carry on Katie’s legacy through our generous gift.” E. Trahern

“(OSEA) Thank you for awarding me your scholarship. The donation you have made to my college fund has made it possible for me to attend the college of my dreams.” A. Gannett

“Thank you so much for honoring me with your scholarship (Dale Boothe Memorial). I am so grateful for your  generosity and your belief in me! It means a lot to have you invest in my future and my dreams.” T. Cook

“I offer my great thanks to you for investing in my education. I greatly appreciate your willingness to believe and trust in me, the ability to look past my weaknesses and see that my strengths are what will make your donation with your time and resources.” Q. Kanta