Class of 1964 – Scholarship or Grant

  • Variable amount scholarship or grant awarded to an individual student in good standing at GPHS wth a minimum of one year of attendance remaining before graduation. Restriction: student may not be a senior. Efforts or activities benefiting a group of students will also be competitively considered.
  • The grant or scholarship may be used to assist the recipient’s participation in a personally enriching and/or educational experience.
  • The experience gained through the funded activity will likely assist the recipient in his/her remaining high school year(s) to achieve more individually, and hopefully, to help enrich the experience of other students.
  • Annual award: JCEF shall make all reasonable efforts to award and expend the annual earnings to a deserving recipient or group of students in consultation with Marty Bauer, class contact. Examples of  activities or experiences worthy of funding include: participation in high level band camps, science camps or competitions, and artistic experiences (such as GPHS 2016 Orchestra received a $1,064 grant for the Class of 1964 to assist with transportation costs incurred for trip to NYC to attend an Orchestra conference and play a new piece of music at Carnegie Hall of benefit to all Orchestra members.) The Orchestra then came back and performed a public concert of pieces played at the conference so classmates, faculty/staff and the community benefited from Orchestra’s experience.
  • How to Apply for the grant or scholarship: Contact Coleen Moore with initial inquiries of interest. She will forward same and work with JCEF staff to gather appropriate information so the request may be considered for Class of 1964 funding in the new academic year.
  • About the Class of 1964 Scholarship or grant: The class endeavors to make annual awards to deserving individuals based on the above criteria. The class will consider proposals submitted throughout the year for annual funding. Multiple awards in a year will not be made.