100 Scholarships – Leave a Legacy

You can build an enduring name in this community by creating a “FOREVER” Scholarship in your name or in the name of someone you wish to honor. It’s easier than you think PLUS it’s tax deductible!

Josephine County Educational Fund’s new campaign, “100 NEW SCHOLARSHIPS” makes it simple and affordable for you and your family to establish a scholarship that helps students achieve their college dreams.

This new campaign endeavors to set up 100 new scholarships to add to the existing roster of scholarships already given each year to the graduating seniors of Josephine County.

Did You Know?

Josephine County Educational Fund, Inc. (JCEF) has been in existence for 50 plus years and oversees over $5.6 million in scholarship funds. From those funds, JCEF will be awarding approximately $550,000 this year in the form of nearly 250 scholarships to many of the graduating seniors in all four of Josephine County’s public high schools. We also award scholarships to qualifying students in several area private schools and have partner relationships with Glendale High School and nearby Rogue River High School. So, if you wish your new scholarship to benefit other area students, we can be a resource.

YOU set the amount; the payment schedule and the criteria for who becomes the recipient of your scholarship.

  • Design a Scholarship for a graduating senior headed to your college alma mater.
  • Create a Scholarship to recognize athletic excellence.
  • Assign your scholarship to an academic achievement in a particular field of study.
  • Set up a memorial fund in the name of a loved one.

The details are up to you.


Example of a “Forever $250” Scholarship


  • Create a “FOREVER” Scholarship in your name, your company’s name, or in the name of someone you love.
  • Establish the Forever $250 Scholarship by donating $1000 a year for 8 Years ($1,000 each year, paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.)
  • YEAR 1: You, your family, company, or organization invest $1000.
    • A $250 scholarship is awarded that year to a deserving student that meets your set criteria and the remaining $750 goes into your account.
  • YEARS 2–8: follows the same pattern and amount of giving.
  • BY YEAR 8, your account will have accumulated approximately $7,081 and the annual interest on this amount is over $250 (the amount of the scholarship.)
  • After 8 years, you never give another dollar! There is enough in your account to cover the $250 Scholarship for your lifetime and beyond!

Your Involvement Makes it Happen!

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